Saturday, March 31, 2012

Slighting People

Even when we don't mean to, we slight the people we love. I am in deep trouble for offering a mutual friend my husband's help when he was in bed. He doesn't like to be told what to do. Who does? He just wanted to be asked instead of relied upon.

Here's the bad part: I wouldn't have relied on him, neither would my friend have, had he proven in the past not to be so reliable. I was planning on asking him, but I have gotten so forgetful lately. He says he is the last one in the family to ever know what is going on or is planned. That could be true sometimes, but not always.

Okay, so I will accept responsibility for making my long-time hubby upset. However, I will not put up with his behavior of trying to make me feel bad when he knew about the favor my friend (who is also his friend) needed this weekend. He was asked and he said yes. If he didn't want to help after all, just say that and leave it at that. No problems. The problems arise when he takes no responsibility for his own choices and makes me or my friend be responsible for his choices. No one, not even me, can make hubby do what hubby doesn't want to do.

This is time for a change, dear. This behavior is old and obnoxious and so like your father or your brother. CUT IT OUT!!! It is not endearing or cute. Just because I tell you I think your ass is cute, does not make it okay to act like an ass!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Unable to write...

I have a new affliction and have been unable to write for a few weeks now. This affliction is one that affects hundreds of thousands of people. People who have this affliction have a tendency to sign on to Facebook and other social web sites at all hours of the day and night; they play multiple games online and wonder why they can't have so much good luck in real life; they dream about these games which makes them wake up after only two hours and start the process of gaming again. I have this affliction and have not blogged for about two weeks. I am sure there are several others like me, so we can do one of two things. One: We can refuse to be a party to this affliction and limit the time we spend online and also the days we sign on to these social websites. Or, two: We can accept our affliction and continue playing online games while the hundreds of thousands of people band together to be sure our plight is not taken for granted. Please band with me and play as many games as you can on those social websites. Maybe we will run into each other and we can chat while we play. Maybe my novel will eventually get written so that I may publish it. In the meantime, though, I think I will stop typing this blog and go back to Words With Friends or Bingo or Slots or ...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Further tidbits in search for regular teaching job

Okay, so honesty may be the best policy, but it sure muddles up the works.

Apparently, when one district sees a non-renewal letter being no big deal, many other districts interpret that to mean a person was fired. I have never been fired. The non-renewal was because the job I accepted with this district was not going to be there the following school year. Therefore, the School Board got together and decided I would be non-renewed without offering me any other option, like, say quitting of my own accord. Nice!

So, even though I am well-liked in another district, the application system automatically put my application on "HOLD" status and principals never saw my application. All I can say is that there is a reason for everything, and apparently it wasn't until now that I would get to the bottom of this or be able to do anything to change my fate. Well, look out world because one of the good teachers is ready to get her classroom!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Interesting tidbits when trying to gain regular teaching job

I have just found some information that makes me wonder what the heck computer application systems are really good for. I have been applying for regular teaching jobs in this one district since last April. Really I have been trying to get a regular job with this one district for several years now, but anyhow...

I have heard from a couple of principals that they never saw my application on their end of the system even though they were pretty sure I would have applied for the opening they had. Well, I DID apply for these jobs, but for some reason my application never showed up for these principals to know that I was interested in the posted positions.

Now, I will have to call the HR department at this district and see why my applications never make it to the principals' part of the system. I don't know what the problem is. I know one principal told me my application couldn't be found, so I called HR back then. They assured me it would be released so this principal would be able to read it. I got interviewed, but not chosen. Okay, back to applying. So, another position opens for this same school and principal. I figure I will nip the problem in the bud and call HR to be sure my application is open to this principal and other principals in the district. "Yes, it is in the system," I am told.

Now after hearing from another principal that my application simply wasn't available to that person, I wonder what is wrong. I know my application is "in the system" because I am able to update information and apply for the jobs. However, there is some glitch in getting my application to the correct principals for the jobs I am applying for. I will get to the bottom of this if I have to contact HR every week. This is my livelihood these people in HR are holding in their hands. When I keep hearing how surprised a principal is that I didn't submit an application when I know I did, something is wrong in the system.

Further updates to come...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

On Death

I have a fascination with death and I am sure I am not the only one.

I am not so interested in the cause of the death, but rather the result that follows it. I wonder where the person goes, is the person a spirit now or a piece of the collective energy constantly swirling in the universe until the energy takes on it's next form, or is the person just dead. Of course, we all know there are no easy answers to these questions, but still I ask them as do several hundred thousands of others.

I have answers to my questions ready in my own mind and, yes, I do believe these answers. I have walked several religious paths in my life only to find that they all are really just branches off the same path. Like when a person goes for a hike along a mountain trail and sees something through the trees that looks more interesting. We veer off the path and find a joy in the wild of the forest unexplored and untrampled by interloping humans. But, we have to return to the hiking path we were on so we do not get lost in the forest. Religion is like this.

So, I do believe that the body dies because our bodies can only last so long. Our spirit or energy, however, does escape our body (perhaps during our last breath) and dissipates into the rest of the energy in the atmosphere. This is where we meet God. This is where we become one with God. This is where we began and where we end. And, in the end, the words of my college science professor comes to mind (I am sure they are someone else's, but don't know who), "Keep your feet on the ground and your head in the skies because we are all just bits of star dust."

Friday, January 13, 2012

David Hagin

Rest in peace, David. You have no idea how much you made a difference in the lives you touched. It is sad that the biggest difference was made at the celebration of your life. I hope that you will continue to send that energy around this world because we need more of it. It was so great to feel that much love after so many troublesome years. I will forever be in your debt for this. I am very grateful for it. I will always see your smile in my memories of you.

Thank you for your blessings in this family.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve

Ever since I was in sixth grade, I have enjoyed going Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. I love to watch people who know that whatever they find will be what their loved one wants. And, I also love to watch the people who don't understand that LOVE is the reason for the season and JUST HAVE to HAVE a certain present or they won't be as accepted as the person who only finds what they think will be received with love.

So, because I have very little money and have no choice but to wait for the very last minute in my shopping, I still find joy in watching others and I do my best to find the presents that will show my loves that I truly LOVE them. This year I was only able to buy two presents for each of my children, my husband, my grandchild, and son-in-law. Now, I know that may sound depressing, but when I shop with LOVE in my heart, I feel very lucky to be able to get something my loved ones wanted or needed, but will use and think of me when they do.

One thing that was different for me on this year's venture was the realization that I, too, am deserving of the LOVE I want to show to those in my life. I bought myself two presents, as well. I wrapped them knowing I would LOVE receiving each gift and that I would use each gift knowing that I LOVE MYSELF! I am not a selfish person and I feel no guilt in what I have done. I gave myself a chance to LOVE myself and I SO DO!

Please, do something for the one person who really needs and deserves your LOVE! DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF THIS SEASON AND LOVE YOURSELF! In this way, you are not only providing your self love from yourself, but ensuring that your spirit can love the others in your life!

Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas
Happy Yule
Happy Festivus
Happy Hannukah
Happy Kwaanza
Whatever your holiday, BE HAPPY and LOVE everyone, including yourself!!!!